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Here we go….

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From the creative force behind,, and that ‘other site’, comes my latest project: Here we go… is the culmination of my years of photography and more recently videography capturing and embracing masculine sexuality. I like to capture the image and essence of what turns me on. My earliest sites were just free displays of my work, mostly photography and my playing in the darkroom.

The last site was the first to actually make any money. I made the mistake of allowing someone else to take sole control the financials and they alone reaped all benefits of my creativity and work. As I realized I had lost faith and trust in the “pack” mentality run by someone calling themselves a “daddy”, I tried to work out a mutually beneficial deal for everyone, but they simply wouldn’t have it. With the help of some good people in my life I found the strength to stand up for myself and my work and so… I would jump ship. I could do this on my own. I put my trust in a handful of very close friends (I prefer to call family) and I walked away from everything I worked so hard to build. With two bags of clothes, my car, my iMac and my boots I ran. I set out to start over and build something new, something raw and something genuinely real.

I had seen one of the dark sides of the business and it nearly swallowed me whole. I saw people manipulated into filming on the idea that they were joining a “pack” or a “family” only to be thrown away after they were (in every possible sense of the words) filmed being used. I refused to be a part of something predatory, something so offensively dishonest. I would build my own company, yes a genuine “company” based on personal and professional connections and relationships. I would build a company allowing people to experience a people focused business built on respect, connection with a positive focus to help those just dipping their toes in the water as well as for fostering and furthering peoples careers in the business.

I have started my future in the beautiful city of Toronto. Its a great place with great people and amazing opportunities to shoot and connect with incredibly talented men.

Above is a photograph of one of the first shots I was able to get with what essentially has been our filming launch crew. I’m very lucky and thankful to have these talented hot men create the first pieces of

My deepest thanks to: Chase Acland, Teddy Torres, Jon Shields, Zack Acland, Manuel Deboxer (not pictured), Jake Dakota (not pictured) and Johnny Ryder (not pictured) and CharmingFuzz (not pictured). You guys are great. I could not have done this without you. Your patience, help, guidance, connections… you are all truly amazing people.

So, here we go…

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